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Latest Enhancements to GPI’s Translation Services Connector for Sitecore

For our latest version of the Sitecore Translation Connector, we have implemented several helpful changes to the functionality and user experience for the connector for Sitecore. In this blog, I will summarize the main features and improvements added to the connector in the latest version.

Anti XSS Support

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of security vulnerability, typically found on web applications, in which the attackers inject client-side scripts into web pages viewed by other users. These malicious scripts can access any cookies, session tokens, or other sensitive information retained by the browser and used with the site, or even rewrite the content of the HTML page.

To prevent these attacks from happening, some server-side and client-side code has been added to the connector.

Automated Exports

Another improvement added consists of automated export actions by using publishItem pipeline and saveUI processor.

In the case of publishItem pipeline, you can configure it so that at any time a user publishes an item from any given language, it will get exported for translation automatically. For example, you can configure that anytime a user publishes an item in English to Production, then it will get exported for translation.

In the case of saveUI processor, this can also be configured per language. So if a user clicks on the ‘Save’ button in the Content or Experience Editors, then it will get exported for translation.

These automated exports are an option and can be configured as needed and will streamline simple authoring and localization workflows even more.

Select/Unselect All button

In the Send for Translation wizard, a new option to select/unselect all languages has been added. Additionally, the languages are sorted in alphabetical order. These changes help to streamline the export process a bit, especially on Sitecore instances that have multiple languages.

Target Languages - Sitecore


Current Languages Reference

Another cool enhancement is when creating packages you will now be able to see the languages for each item and its current version. This helps to have a quick picture of the languages for each item, so you can identify if an item has been already translated or not.

Current Languages Reference - Sitecore


Translated Items Report

This report shows a summary of all the items and the languages in which they are currently translated into. This report is available through the GPI ribbon:

Translated Items Report - Sitecore

By clicking on this button, a popup is displayed with some filters:

Parent Path: this will show some default paths and the path for each main site under your Sitecore instance. For any path you select here, the report will show the corresponding item and all the children under it.

Language: here you can select any language you would like to check translations.

GPI Translated Items Report - Sitecore


Once you hit the Search button, the report will show a list of items and will indicate if they are translated into the selected language or not. Also, it shows the current version for that specific translation.


These are some of the latest features for 2021 that several of our global clientele asked for with GPI’s fully customizable website translation connectors.  At GPI, we are constantly upgrading our connector and adding new functionalities to it based on clients’ needs! More features and enhancements to come!