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News: HubSpot Announces HubSpot Payments to Support B2B Business

HubSpot Launched New Payment SolutionAt the HubSpot INBOUND 2021 conference their CEO, Yamini Rangan, revealed a new application built within their CRM platform called HubSpot Payments. It is only in Beta currently within the USA, but you can expect it to roll out at some point in the near term for global use.

HubSpot Payments brings the HubSpot CRM into the eCommerce field of platforms. This news has had a strong impact on their stock price as other platforms with payment offerings have seen their valuation skyrocket in recent times.

Globalization Partners International (GPI), a leading translation company and HubSpot Partner, works with HubSpot clients on a global basis. While HubSpot Payments is currently only for USA based companies while it is in Beta, we can easily see how this new application will make clients doing business globally grow their international businesses.

The HubSpot website’s HubSpot Payment page tells how payments, which can be slow, will allow companies to be paid immediately upon approval of a quote. Normal payment processes can be even longer for some international businesses, especially if additional collection efforts are needed. HubSpot Payments will remove such concerns and delays.

Stripe, a HubSpot partner and financial technology company based in Dublin, Ireland is the support behind the built-in application. The use of their service is seamless and ready to use without any additional programming or development efforts.

This is similar to our GPI Translation Services Connector for HubSpot which enables users of HubSpot’s platform to initiate translation workflows with a few clicks for eBooks, brochures, whitepapers, emails and an array of inbound content. GPI’s HubSpot connector is built into HubSpot without any additional installation being required.

Seeing HubSpot build such capability into their platform is very powerful as their customers can feel confident that they can use the features they require and that they can easily enable additional features without long development delays to support additional capabilities or tools. Whether it is to add payment capabilities or translation services, companies conducting global business and operating their business using the HubSpot platform can feel they have made a strong strategic decision in their platform of choice.