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How much does translation cost? Budgeting for Global SEO translation

When a website is available in only one language, the business is missing an opportunity to reach other markets. Creating multilingual content of your website and optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy are crucial steps to a successful business path. SEO activation helps get your website to the top of the search engine result page (SERP), meaning the potential target market that seeks such services or products will most likely click on the first couple of links that pop up. So go ahead and discover the steps in budgeting for Global SEO translation.


Estimating Translation Costs for Global SEO

Are you curious how much to spend on SEO or how to develop a budget? Don’t worry – you are not alone, as many companies prioritize digital media in their marketing plan.

To estimate the approximate cost of your SEO localization, we will refer to GPI’s Budget Calculator. This translation Quick Quote Calculator (QQC) allows you to understand the basic metrics and receive a budgetary quote which includes tasks, timelines, and costs per language selected. There are even handy popups to guide you through the steps to get your translation quotes.

Our team will research the target market and make recommendations for keywords, website content, paid ads, and even social media platforms. Initially, we will check the positioning of a company on the search engine result page and identify the monthly search volume and competition for each keyword in the target market. The keyword list will be localized and transcreated to ensure the terms are locale-specific for the target market.


Using the Translation Budget Calculator

1. To begin, just click on the link and choose Global SEO under project type.

GPI Translation Budget Calculator - Choose Your Project Type


2. Answer a few important questions needed to estimate your SEO project.

GPI Translation Budget Calculator - Input SEO details

Questions include:
a) Name, email, word count, and start date
b) Number of keywords
c) Selecting your languages
d) Do you need MetaData (page titles and descriptions) optimization?

HINT: The Translation Budget Calculator has a pop-up navigator to help you fill in all the fields.

GPI Translation Budget Calculator - SEO - Popup Navigator


3. After you finish answering the questions, hit “Calculate”.

GPI Translation Budget Calculator - SEO - Calculate


Then your Global SEO quote will be generated. The Global SEO quote will include other useful information such as the exact tasks completed in a SEO localization project, estimated timelines, and a breakdown of costs per language requested.

SEO Translation Budget Calculator - Summary


4. So now you have your Global SEO translation budget! Just print or email yourself a copy of the quote with the push of a button.

Global SEO budget - Print or Email



Creating multilingual content for your website and optimizing it for SEO enables your business to be found quicker in your targeted regions. It is easy to calculate various Global SEO project scenarios by creating as many quotes as you need and adjusting the word counts and/or languages to suit your localization projects. Save the link to GPI’s Quick Quote Calculator for the future.

I hope you found this blog helpful.