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News: Business/marketing materials in the Philippines must be translated into English, Filipino

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The Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has prompted businesses that any marketing/commercial materials in foreign languages should have English and/or Filipino translations. This is according to the Department Administrative Order (DAO) No. 19-09, series of 2019, last 21 June 2019, which mandates:

 “The primary use of Filipino and/or English in signages, billboards, advertisements, brochures, flyers, notices, advisories, labels, price tags/lists, menus, receipts, and other business marketing materials. Foreign languages are allowed, provided the same are translated to English and/or Filipino.”


Who are the subjects of this order?

Every entity and establishment in the Philippines is expected to comply: producers, manufacturers, distributors, supply & chain, as well as sellers of consumer goods or services. Translation into English or Filipino languages for marketing purposes shall be as prominent as any foreign language. More importantly, the DAO also stipulated that “the use of Filipino language is not limited to Tagalog but also includes regional and provincial dialects”.


What are the consequences to offenders?

Business establishments proved to violate any of the provisions of the DAO “shall pay the penalties ranging from PHP1,000.00 up to P300,000.00 while repeated offenders will face the cancellation of their business name certificate that was issued by the DTI, and revocation of business registration, permit, license, and any other regulatory clearances upon the recommendation of the Department to appropriate government agencies or units”, quoted from the article.


Consumers are encouraged to report any violations to or through the official DTI Consumer Care social media accounts.