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UNESCO Promotes Language Revitalization Process in the Peruvian Amazon

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UNESCO Language Revitalization in PeruAbout 7,000 languages are in use all over the world and many of these are indigenous languages. This linguistic diversity risks disappearing as many languages are falling out of use. To tackle this problem UNESCO has announced the period between 2022-2032 as the international decade for Indigenous languages, the decade is a global call to action for all languages spoken across the globe.

The decade aims to create a favorable environment for Indigenous languages and empower Indigenous people to use their languages and pass them on to future generations. The decade will contribute to building a brighter, sustainable, and multilingual future for Indigenous languages such as the Taushiro, Kukama Kukamiria, and Ikutu languages spoken in the Peruvian Amazon.

Of all three languages, Taushiro is extremely endangered with only one surviving speaker of the language. UNESCO’s efforts to safeguard these languages include diagnosing the socio-linguistic situation of the language community and organizing workshops for the development of signage and animated videos in these languages.

Learn more about how UNESCO promotes the revitalization of three Indigenous languages in the Peruvian Amazon.