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Dutch Website Translation

Dutch Website Translation

To effectively establish and maintain your online presence in The Netherlands, you must have your website fully “globalized” for Dutch website translation. While the term “globalization” has many definitions outside of the translation services industry, inside the industry it refers to the basic process of creating a website that functions in any market in the world.

Dutch Website Translation

Not every translation company is equipped to perform Dutch website translation, with its many complexities. Specifically, when searching for a company to translate your website into Dutch, you should investigate their capabilities in the following areas:

  1. Dutch Website Translators

Dutch website translation projects should be executed by professional, native-speaking website translators who specialize in the specific professional and technical areas of your company. They should be experienced with issues related to website translation in particular, such as proper translation of text in links, graphics, and optimizing text for search engines.

  1. Dutch Website File Formats

Depending on their complexity, Dutch website translation projects may involve many different file formats. Your website translation company should have the capability to translate text from such source files as HTML/XML, web-driven application files, applets, database servers, CGI scripts, Java scripts, graphic files, ASP files, or FLASH files. You may be required to supply these files for translation by email or on a CD-ROM, by uploading to an FTP server, or by giving the translation company access to your website via login and password.

  1. Dutch Website Terminology Management

Dutch website translators should utilize translation memory tools such as Trados to translate the text strings that have been externalized from the various file formats, resulting in client-specific glossaries and terminology databases. The valuable data contained in the translation memories, which becomes the proprietary property of the client, ensures consistent translations and efficient updates to Dutch websites.

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