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The GPI Translation Services API

The Globalization Partners International (GPI) Translation API is a technology agnostic platform which enables companies from around the world to better work with GPI in providing high quality, professional translation services.  The new API is capable of working with any type of system regardless of our customers’ technology investments (i.e. Websites, Software, Mobile Applications or Content Management Systems).


By leveraging the GPI Translation API, you can easily integrate your applications directly into GPI’s award winning suite of translation services and tools including our Translation Services Portal. The GPI Translation API provides a flexible solution to manage a client’s translation workflows and makes it easy and secure for users to import and export content (all digital assets) for translation anytime, anywhere.

Why did GPI build an API?

The internet has evolved a great deal in the last few years and so too has the way it is used. Traditionally a User would navigate on their computer using a browser, complete their tasks, and then log out. Now-a-days a web-application approach isn’t enough.

Users are engaging with businesses using different form factors such as smartphones, tablets and other devices. Hence service providers are moving towards applications and applications as a service model to better converse with their customers.

In an effort to ensure GPI’s services and tools including our award winning Translation Portal reach the widest possible audience, we have built a GPI Translation Services API to more efficiently open our services to external third-parties. Application developers can now begin leveraging our API and build their applications around it. External websites or applications can integrate with GPI services by simply consuming our API.

How does it work?

The GPI Translation Services API provides a flexible way to manage your translation workflows to and from any platform. The Translation Services API exposes a RESTful programming interface and is built from the ground up adhering to industry best practices for truly scalable and robust server applications.

By using our Translation Services API with your applications, you can submit and receive content (text & digital assets) in their original formats for translation and localization. Our secure API is available 24/7 allowing you to send and receive your translation projects anytime to and from GPI’s award winning Translation Portal.

The GPI Translation Services API

Start Using the GPI Translation API

Are you a looking to localize your websites or applications into Arabic, Spanish, French or 100 other languages?

The GPI Translation Services API allows for an almost unlimited set of localization possibilities with your favorite Web Content Management Systems (WCMS), Web Applications, or other third party software.

Getting started with the GPI Translation Services API is straightforward. We will provide you with a Quick Start Guide and API Reference Document to help you start building your application. Our API Reference Guide is the ultimate resource to help you through more advanced scenarios.


GPI Translation API Benefits

  • Platform Independent: Application is installed on any device able to consume the service
  • Secure: Our services makes use of API keys and authorization tokens to enforce security
  • Flexible: Easy to be used with different translation workflows based on a client’s needs
  • Clear Communication: Developers can communicate with the GPI API project using any HTML client
  • Well Documented: Quick start guide and reference material available
  • Digital Assets: Able to handle standard text-based content and digital assets such as images, etc.