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Top Tips for Improving your YouTube Channel

YouTube is an excellent place to share your visual content and attract targeted audiences. But to have a successful channel, you must create innovative content, research your audience and competitors and formulate a detailed strategy.

I compiled a list of some of the top tips from Anson Alexander that marketers should keep in mind and implement in YouTube campaigns.

Build a Website

Creating a website builds your credibility and gives users another source of information to learn more about you or your business.  You will also have control over how your message is displayed and what information is available.

Your website should contain content that corresponds with your videos on YouTube. Create articles that contain at least 350 words and are optimized with related keywords for ranking purposes.  Adding keywords to both your website content and videos will help your rankings in search engines.

It is important to remember to back link to your website in all of your YouTube videos by annotations in the video or in the description.



Always include an identifying factor that sets your videos apart from the crowd.  A logo or brand name that people can easily recognize.  Catchphrases or slogans that are unique to you are also great ways to stand out.

When you setup your YouTube channel, choose “unsubscribed trailer.”  This gives you the option to choose which video people who aren’t subscribed to your channel will see. You can select to have your most popular video, a generic video or a video specific for unsubscribed viewers play.

Having a short introduction at the beginning of your video will help your name or brand be recognizable no matter where your video is seen.

Lastly, always be consistent with your branding.  Use your brand identity across all of your social media platforms.

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Optimize and Attract Viewers to More Videos

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for both your YouTube channel and your website.

To optimize videos make sure that they have clear titles and descriptions and use tags.  Search engines no longer look at metadata keywords for websites, but YouTube does, so choose the right keywords for your video before uploading it.

After you have optimized your videos, you want to attract your audiences’ attention and entice them to keep coming back to watch multiple videos.

Here are some ways to direct viewers to more videos:

  • Place links to similar videos in descriptions, using annotations or in the videos
  • Use playlists and group all similar videos together
  • Share the playlist link so viewers can continue on to the next video


Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Don’t focus all of your attention just on your YouTube channel.  Keep watch on similar channels and what is trending on all of YouTube.  This is also helpful when researching your target audience to see what types of videos they are viewing.

You can learn what has been successful and what has failed by subscribing to channels similar to your own.  Channels that aren’t similar to your own can serve as a source of inspiration.

Subscribe to innovative channels across all industries to stay on top of current trends.

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YouTube channels can become an essential asset to your brand, if you formulate an effective strategy.  Create compelling, informative videos and attract your target audiences.

Having a credible website and branding yourself well are factors to be considered when developing a YouTube channel.  Create original content on your website that compliments your videos.  Optimize your videos for search engine rankings and direct your viewers to additional videos.  And don’t forget to check out what the competition and other industries are doing with their channels to gain ideas and inspiration.