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HubSpot: What’s New in 2019?

HubSpot introduced some great new features so far this year and we can expect even more exciting upgrades in their pipeline. Below gives a brief overview of their newest features.

Partner Application Integrations

In 2018, HubSpot had the highest growth with their platform partner ecosystem. This allowed them to grow their interactions with partners by 70%. The growth in HubSpot’s capabilities gives their partners the ability to access more desirable products and application integrations. It is expected that the platform partner ecosystem will continue growing this year.

New Record Design

One of the most visible changes and enhancements that HubSpot implemented this year was the new record design format. It gives greater visibility for information, locating all information in a new three-column layout that removes unproductive scrolling when extracting requested data.

The new pop-up communicator window is a very useful and user-friendly enhancement, which allows the user to scroll up or down the records while keeping the communicator window at the front of the page. This results in an increased and satisfied user experience when interacting with their customers.

Another feature provided, is the navigation tool between records to look up specific information. The record shows a quick information panel on the right-hand side in the new layout.

Business Card Scanning

HubSpot added a tool to their app for mobile users (both Android and iOS) to allow users to scan business cards and import the information directly into contact records. This service has both free and paid licenses.

Multiple Scores

When managing contact records, HubSpot offers a new feature to give more precise prioritization and qualifications. You can now use multiple scoring to categorize contacts based on a customized criteria.

LinkedIn Ads

HubSpot now advertises on LinkedIn’s platform. This allows HubSpot to have a presence on the leading professional social network.

Activity Feeds

The activity feed is now organized by users, such as group feeds. It allows the sales team to focus on the contact’s activity and provide details for the full activities feed of the contact in one click.


Throughout the year, the HubSpot team works hard on improving functionalities for users. The above features reflect the impressive developments that have been implemented so far this year. I am anxious to see what other improvements are planned for the rest of 2019 and 2020!