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Using MadCap Flare for eLearning

MadCap Flare is a single-source content authoring and publishing tool that’s been around for more than 15 years. MadCap software allows you to create, manage, and publish content from single-source content into many formats for use in print, online, desktop or mobile.

You create content one time and then reuse it to create multiple documents or whichever output type you choose.

If you’re an eLearning content developer, consider using MadCap Flare as your writing and management tool. Since many eLearning courses reuse content, using MadCap Flare makes creating and managing individual pieces of content easy.

In addition, MadCap’s software products offer an end-to-end project workflow solution for analysis, collaboration, and creation of content. Besides the main MadCap authoring tool, MadCap also has the following products for your workflow:

  1. MadCap Central – Editing, publishing, and project managementMadCap Flare eLearning
  2. MadCap Doc-to-Help – Convert Microsoft Word files into online help sites
  3. MadCap Capture – Edit screen captures and images
  4. MadCap Contributor – Review and contribute
  5. MadCap Lingo – Translate and localize
  6. MadCap Mimic – Create interactive videos and tutorials
  7. MadCap Pulse – Add a social layer for documentation

Together these tools provide a comprehensive solution for anyone who wants to build powerful content that’s easy to reuse, publish, and translate in multiple ways.

In this blog, I’ll explain some of the Madcap powerful features and how they can be used as an eLearning authoring tool.


MadCap Flare Features

Here are some of the features that Flare provides:

  • Multi-language authoring, translation, and publishing tool all in one
  • Content reuse capabilities – build new courses by reusing existing content
  • Advanced importing capabilities for existing content
  • Responsive layout editor
  • XML WYSIWYG editor
  • Advanced stylesheet editor
  • Multi-publishing options
  • 805 accessibility compliance
  • Team collaboration

These are just some of the features that Flare provides for any type of content that you want to develop.


MadCap Flare eLearning Solutions

MadCap Flare for eLearningeLearning was growing before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and has exploded in 2020 with the onset of a societal need to pursue distant learning in many forms.  Estimates for the eLearning market were around $200 billion USD in 2019, and eLearning is expected to grow to $375 billion USD by 2026.

According to the World Economic Forum, approximately 1.2 billion children aren’t in classrooms, and electronic learning management systems and other technologies are helping to manage learning during this time.

With such a great need for eLearning right now, especially for training and education, a developer can use MadCap as an eLearning authoring tool with all these features:

  • Develop new courses
  • Use one course to generate many courses that suit different cultures
  • Localize software easily
  • Provide multi-lingual support
  • Update content easily; whenever an update is needed, simply change the content in Flare and then republish to the LMS without doing any rework
  • Add analytics triggers to the content

If your organization needs to produce many eLearning courses and/or convert your old eLearning content into an online program, then MadCap Flare is a great tool to author and publishing eLearning content.


Need Help Using or Integrating MadCap Products Into Your Learning Programs?

The GPI eLearning development team can provide the necessary services to convert your content into multi-channel eLearning content.  Our services include:

-Document Translation

-Multilingual Desktop Publishing & Design

-Software Localization

-Website Localization

-Audio/Video Localization

-Cultural Correctness Assessment

-Integration of translation into LMS Tools

-ADA & 508 Compliance in courses

-Conversion of PPT into MadCap and other apps

-Course Testing