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How to Score Fans Using Languages

How to Score Fans Using LanguagesFinding a niche market to explore, is one of those easy tasks, but the true work lies in the ability of a company or brand to convince the target audience of the viability of their products. In our multilingual and multicultural world, concise and efficient communication between diverse cultures and languages is now required.

How many great businesses have we all seen collapse because they couldn’t reach the right audience?

Following the right path, the best way to get fans who support your brand is by making them see themselves in what you plan on offering. Statistics show that 44% of people will immediately leave a website if it does not offer their language.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there were translation services for websites that you can use to effectively optimize your brand and amplify its message to your target audience?

Efficient translation and localization of content are crucial to the success of launching into a new market. Most big brands have understood how to effectively get into customers’ minds using localization services and the same can be done in the sporting industry. An example is a ploy employed by Coca-Cola, about 4 years ago in Nigeria, where they labeled different sizes of their products in traditional names like Big Mummy and Mama-sized bottles.

Or why do you think the Kardashians keep selling to the American audience, it is simply because they have created genuine fans of their brand itself by simply translating their brand context and localizing for their audience.

This is what language translation and localization look like for the sporting industry, customizing sporting events products or services to suit the audience in a specific region or country.


Why Do You Need Fans? And, What Fans are to a Brand

Fans are to a business, what skin is to the body. How? Your brand and services might have the greatest presentation, still, it is your genuine fans that shield your business from bad reviews and comments online. And even if you address the issue yourself, a positive comment from a large number of fans is always more effective.

Lukewarm fans are likely to support another brand if their services or content looks more appealing. Let’s picture football fans, for example, a fan of a particular football club will desert his team if they fail to win the championship repeatedly. Same with localization, a fan is likely to support a team that has put in the effort to communicate in a language they understand. Businesses make the effort to create raving fans out of good-enough customers because these customers will not only stick with your brand – they’ll become brand evangelists who convert others.


How to Create Fans of Your Product

What made football the most watched and most popular sport in the world, is not the actual people playing. It is the fans.

So how do you make your website the most visited, or make your brand the most visible if you don’t know how to make fans?

Here are a few methods you can use to get fans that are raving about your services and products.

  • The first thing you need to do is adapt your content with your specific audience in mind, e.g. If you want to sell in Africa, you need to adapt some African themes, such as African songs and colors into your product presentation.
  • Genuinely get to know your audience better
  • Exceed the expectations of your fans, often times, people expect very little from new brands or new organizations, so you can fast-track your brand’s growth by delivering more than they expect.
  • Keep evolving: If your company does not continue to grow to meet the needs of your customers in unique ways, someone else will undoubtedly step up and take your place.

Again, the value of language translation cannot be overemphasized. According to research, 56% of consumers care more about the language of communication than they do about the price. So, more than half of the people using the internet are concerned about the language you communicate with, as opposed to how much you choose to price your product.

Also, in a study conducted by the European Union, 90% of internet users prefer a website that uses their native languages. So, we have to admit that translation services for websites are essential for sports brands that are genuinely interested in keeping their fans.


Language Translation and Localization to Get Fans

In branding, one of the essential things to do is to communicate your values and vision effectively to your target audience. Due to language barriers, it may seem difficult to sell this vision to your fans if you don’t get the right translations to convey your message.

A simple query on the internet for examples of bad translations in business will yield a plethora of poor translations by major corporations that resulted in embarrassment, lost revenue, and dinged their reputation in that market. A bad translation for a new venture or innovation could result in complete failure in a target market.



In the end, understanding how to pitch your business to a new audience is what can make or break your success as an organization, and it is important to know that your content is understandable to an audience in their native language.

Content translation and localization are advantageous to organizations, educational institutions, and humanitarian efforts. You will not only be able to interact with more people than you ever anticipated, but you will also be able to do so more effectively, thanks to the power of translation.

While English remains the lingua franca for many parts of the world, the unique cultural and linguistic backgrounds of people in different regions of the world should also be taken into consideration. The result will be an increased market share and a competitive advantage over companies that only market and do business in one language. Partnering with a qualified and experienced language service provider for translation services ensures that your website is translated by experienced and qualified translators, who specialize in your market. This is key to the success of your multilingual website to open up your brand to a whole new untapped market.