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Working with a Translation Company in UAE

In a recent report, it is estimated about 5.16 billion people used the Internet for various purposes at the start of 2023. You would be surprised to know that these people are among the 64 percent (approximately) of our world’s total population.

Experts are estimating that two-thirds of our population will be using or have access to the Internet by the end of 2023. These mind-blowing statistics are more than enough for any business to declare that ‘’Content’’ is going to be the most vital factor for revenue generation for any company in the coming years. However, will creating highly creative and engaging content in only English or one particular language suffice? Probably not. Do you know that only 1.5 billion speak English across the globe? That is why top global companies translate their content into multiple languages targeting international markets to garner the most engagement and attention for their brands, products, etc.


Finding a Translation Partner

Translation Company in UAEOver the years, companies have realized that it is now their customers who drive their strategy and plans with regard to content. To keep up with these customers across the globe, translations are now considered to be one of the most important marketing tools, for not only driving traffic to their website but also increasing their brand/product awareness through marketing collaterals, advertisement banners, social media posts, etc. But finding the right partner for your translations could be difficult if you have not worked with one before.

In a recent study, it was estimated that there are approximately 1.8 million translators across the globe. Thus, qualifying one that meets your company’s and reviewers’ expectations to produce optimal quality translations within a specific budget is challenging.

For one language, you can expect to need 2-3 translators to perform the various tasks, plus, depending on the format of the translations, you may need desktop specialists to typeset the translations. Based on the multiple facets of translation and vetting qualified resources, a professional language service provider (LSP) can manage these tasks for you.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Translation Partner

To identify the right partner for translations, there are some key factors to consider:

  • Look for an ISO-certified and professional translation agency.
  • Qualify whether the translation partner you choose has expertise within your field/subject matter and if they can provide any references/case studies.
  • Are they using localization tools and best practices such as Glossary Creation, Translation Memory (TM), Online QA, etc?
  • Are the translations performed by professional, native-speaking (of the target language), and subject matter experts? Not all who speak the language are good at writing or translating the content.
  • Confirm if they are familiar with key terminologies within your industry and are willing to get on calls to discuss the style, tone of voice, and preferences of the translations.

While these factors may seem a lot to verify for simple document translations, please remember – every content that is out there with your company logo/name represents you. The benefits of working with an LSP will serve you in the long run by helping save money on repeated content, shorter turnaround times, optimum quality of translations, and SEO rankings.


Working with a Translation Company in the UAE

UAE is a country with an 88.52% of expat population, thus, companies in this region have a deeper understanding of every cultural aspect, buying patterns, customer behavior, etc. While these factors also play an important role within the translation industry, it will always be an added advantage for companies to work with translation agencies that are experienced in this particular region.

UAE’s laws have set great expectations for each of their licensed companies to be able to meet clients’ requirements through the optimum quality of deliveries. Hence, any UAE-based company will always ensure to meet the client’s expectations to the best of their ability and comply with the service laws and regulations within the country.

In recent years, UAE has welcomed and acquired the best talents from across the world providing them with short/long-term visas to be able to work from the country. This allows top localization professionals across the globe to travel to UAE for work and be able to serve not only the clients in UAE, but across the globe and different time zones. Especially for languages like Arabic, UAE has certain certifications and qualification requirements for any translator to be able to provide translations legally, hence, companies always prefer working with UAE-licensed translation companies for translating any of their legal, general, marketing, or website-related content, to name a few.



While UAE is a country with a large number of expats and English-speaking individuals, it is still one of the most popular tourist countries in the world. So businesses can always be driven by not only targeting the residents that speak English but, by planning ahead of your competitors, translating your content for your targeted markets, and having a cutting-edge benefit to winning business. You can also review our blog on ‘’what to look for when selecting a translation company’’ to start on the right foot.

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