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Clarabridge C3 Rocked it!

The theme of the Clarabridge C3 conference this year was “Rockstars” in the customer experience industry. Clarabridge is the premier customer experience analytics software company and they had their own “rockstars” in attendance as well as many from the leading global brands.

Globalization Partners International (GPI) has a 6-year relationship with Clarabridge, providing localization services and support for their products. It was great to meet their dedicated partners at the conference such as Cognizant, Acumen Solutions and Verint. Market Metrix, who recently announced that it has been acquired by Clarabridge, had their team well represented and on-hand to demonstrate their customer feedback management platform which can quantify customer feedback with the bottom line financials.

The opening keynote was given by graffiti artist Erik Wahl, who reinvented himself after a successful corporate career. As an artist, he hopes to inspire and nurture creativity in people who may have forgotten about their artistic abilities. It was a lively and interactive presentation and a great way to open the conference.

The other keynotes were focused on where the customer experience industry is today and where it is headed. Megan Burns, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester, manages Forrester’s Customer Experience Index of over 150 large companies. She provided excellent incites into what the leading companies are doing. Bruce Temkim, head of Temkin Group, provided an overview of how his clients have successfully addressed the challenges of the fast changing world of customer experience management.

Lastly, Rap artist Flo Rida presented his unique views on everyday life. Though he was not a typical conference presenter, he was a great performer. He was able to connect well with the audience and keep a PG-rating for the evening show.

clarabridge C3 Infographic


GPI has strong experience in social media localization including localization of the models built to “listen” for the commentary on a company and their brand(s). This complements the overall service offering GPI provides our clients for website development, website translation, CMS translation services connectors, and Global SEO services.

I hope to see you at a future Clarabridge C3 conference!