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Webinar: How to reduce DTP and translation costs with FrameMaker 9 and DITA

Adobe, Globalization Partners International (GPI) and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) to hold webinar Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM US/Pacific on reducing translation costs with FrameMaker 9 and DITA. This webinar is part of the Adobe eSeminar series.

This webinar was recorded and may be viewed if you go to this Adobe website. Use your Adobe account to log-in or create a new Adobe account

This webinar is open to all companies, free of charge.

Join Adobe Partners and Experts for an interactive eSeminar to learn how the experts at Globalization Partners International eliminated unnecessary DTP steps and solved several critical challenges in English, and 27 target languages for a major medical device manufacturer with 200+ page manuals with Adobe FrameMaker 9.

Many people pay more than they should for post-translation DTP because their content is inconsistently formatted in less effective applications or older versions of FrameMaker. Inconsistent document structure and formatting exceptions can cause costly problems, even in English source files.

New custom FrameMaker 9 workflow saves files in native XML format, erases “illegal” format overrides on save and ensures all external cross-references open error-free after translation. One template controls all formatting, including font changes and language specific prefixes like “Table” and “Figure”, for 27 target languages.

Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn how to control formatting for 27 languages from one template, using advanced format rules in the EDD and template.
  • Learn how to ensure that structured DITA files from FrameMaker 9 achieve maximum leveraging from old “unstructured” Translation Memory created from older projects.

Overview of client and solution to be demonstrated

  • Healthcare
  • Life sciences
  • Upgrade to FrameMaker 9 for full-featured, DITA authoring solution
  • Leverage existing styles and formats from legacy documents for swiftly created structured templates and application files
  • Customized FrameMaker Element Definition Document (EDD) to enable one template for formatting in 27 languages
  • Optimized Templates and EDD for multiple target languages
  • Adobe FrameMaker 9
  • Adobe Acrobat

This webinar is co-hosted with the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA),