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Dubai Translation Services

Why Dubai (UAE)

Dubai Translation Services

Dubai, UAE has a population of approximately three million people (2019) and is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. This Middle Eastern desert city has transformed itself into a multicultural city of high-rises, opulent hotels and expansive shopping malls. Tourists flock to Dubai’s famous attractions like the Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building) and the Burj Al-Arab (world’s most luxurious hotel). Dubai is on the Arabian Gulf on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula. Its geographic location makes it the business hub of Western Asia and a major transportation hub for travelers and cargo. Global companies looking to create Arabic content for this market will need to utilize the services of a Dubai translation services company.

The Government of Dubai is one of the seven constituent monarchies which comprise the UAE. The executive authority of the government is the Ruler of Dubai.

Dubai, and the rest of the UAE, is an attractive region for foreign investors. The UAE has one of the most liberal trade environments in the region and draws strong capital flows from across the Gulf region. There is a focus on economic diversification in trade, logistics, banking, tourism, real estate and manufacturing, which presents lucrative opportunities across various industries.

Dubai’s political system and infrastructure are stable and well-established.

After many years of providing translation services in the region, GPI opened its Middle East and Africa headquarters in Dubai, UAE in order to support its clients doing business in the Middle East and Africa.

Dubai Arabic Translation Services:

Translation Companies in Dubai

If you are looking for a Dubai translation company, it is important to consider the translation company’s experience in the Arabic market, portfolio of clients, translation tools they use, and translation best practices and quality control processes they follow. Your goal is to receive Arabic translations that are cost-effective, consistent and culturally correct.

Through GPI’s offices in Dubai Media City, we provide translation services for websites, documents, audio/video and social content helping clients throughout the seven Emirates including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al Quwain.

GPI also serves a wide range of clientele throughout the Middle East and Africa from our Dubai translation office location. Hotels, interactive agencies, governments, NGO’s, fintech, law firms, consumer product companies have all come to rely on GPI’s translation services in the region to help them communicate in a multitude of languages.

Translators and Interpreters in Dubai

GPI’s translators and interpreters are native speaking, professionally certified language experts. Dubai’s and Abu Dhabi’s numerous renowned global universities provide students studying linguistics, translation and interpretation excellent education and preparation for careers in the translation and localization industry.

Dubai is home to five public and 58 private colleges and universities. These institutions serve both Emiratis and expatriates and offer various subjects and levels of degree programs. They are categorized as local universities (founded and based in Dubai) or branch campuses (founded in another country).

The Dubai education system has a diverse set of students and is therefore influenced by other country’s educational systems including American, British, French, German, Canadian, Australian, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino and Russian. Students who are not Arab are required to take Arabic language classes. Classes at public universities are taught in Arabic, with emphasis on English as a second language. Classes at private universities are taught in English because of their large expatriate student population.

The Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) is a free trade zone for academic institutions and home to many global universities, training centers, eLearning centers, professional centers and R&D companies.

These numerous renowned global universities provide a plethora of translation talent with excellent educations and preparation for careers as translators and interpreters. GPI continuously recruits and tests translators and interpreters across a wide range of disciplines to serve on GPI’s translation teams helping clients in the region communicate in any language and for any locale.

Website Translation in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, the official language is Arabic, but within the UAE many other languages are spoken and used routinely on websites to conduct business. In the last decade, the UAE has seen an exponential increase in website translations and the launch of multilingual websites by companies in several languages including English, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Farsi and Urdu.

GPI’s translation office in Dubai provides comprehensive website translation services for all the languages used in the UAE market and surrounding GCC countries, as well as across the African continent. Many websites for businesses including hotels, manufacturers, shipping companies, tourism organizations, NGO’s and local and Emirate-wide government offices can be found in several languages including Arabic and English.

GPI has translated some of the highest profile websites in the region including Atlantis, The Palm; Expo 2020; The Jumeirah Group and Farah Experiences, to name a few, helping these clients attract customers, clients and guests from around the world.