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Neural Machine Translation Services

Neural Machine Translation Services

Leading organizations around the world, and from all major industries, are beginning to see the value in state-of-the-art neural machine translation (NMT). GPI NMT solutions, within the right context, can allow companies to complete translation projects in a fraction of time. While not recommended for every use case, our high-quality NMT solution can be an effective tool for rapid translations.

With over 20 years of experience, GPI is utilizing the most up-to-date breakthroughs in the area of artificial intelligence to deliver twenty-first-century language solutions to organizations that require rapid, yet secure translations at any scale.

Neural Machine Translation Services

What is Neural Machine Translation (NMT)?

NMT is the latest approach in a long line of machine translation processes dating back to the 1990s. The goal of NMT is to replicate the human brain’s ability to learn through trial and error as well as to adapt to new experiences. NMT uses a “deep learning” process where artificial neural networks predict the probability of a sequence of words. Building upon previous iterations of machine translation (statistical and rule-based), NMT provides a whole new level of quality. Coupled with a human-review, and the proper front-end preparation, our NMT solution produces improved translation quality and delivers a more “human-like” output.

The GPI NMT Methodology

GPI’s primary approach to NMT is ensuring that it is a good fit for a client’s content. We will initially conduct a test project of your content to determine the amount of human post-editing required. While the quality of NMT has greatly improved, it is still not for every use case, which is something we will determine early on. Internal communications might be an ideal fit, but client-facing ad-copy is likely not.

As part of the testing phase, we will build a custom NMT engine per language pair desired with your content. To achieve the best results, it is ideal for us to train the engine with any previous translation memory assets or multilingual glossaries that are available. These steps will only increase the eventual output quality. If previous materials are not available, we test raw/generic NMT engines.

After engines are built, we will run your content through the machine translation tool and then evaluate the amount of human post-editing that is required for predefined quality levels. This process gives valuable information that will help to plan translation projects using NMT technology. Quality and feasibility levels can differ between different types of content and language combinations – no singular solution exists.

Based on our tried and tested processes, GPI clientele can rest assured that our NMT solutions will introduce additional savings and increase productivity.

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